Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Love , Relationship, A thought by Paramahamsa Nithyananda

A small story:

A man fell down from the third floor of the building onto the road.

A passerby ran up to him and asked, "The falling must've hurt you."

The man replied, "No. The falling did not hurt me; only the sudden stopping hurt me!"

As long as we float and flirt in love, as long as we keep our distances and time short, we are fine; we are in a fantasy world; we are not at the functional level. It is only when the floating stops and the real relationship starts, when the distances reduce and time increases, the problem starts!

The more fantasies you collect, the more is your falling time before you hit the ground, and so more the damage. The lesser fantasies you collect, the lesser the number of things to compare with and lesser the trouble. If you don't have any fantasy or imagination, you will immediately meet your soul mate. If you don't have fantasies, anyone you marry will become your soul mate.

We need to understand that no living person can live up to the image we carry in our minds simply because the image is not built from reality! The image is a cut and paste from various quarters of our dream world! No image can be matched with reality - because at the end of the day, it is only an image, a fantasy!

It is alright if you collect your images from real life characters, from the people you see around you. But you collect from media. Media itself is suffering from lust! How then can it provide any sort of guidance or relief to you?

That is why, all the so-called love most often ends in pain. We end up feeling cheated, exploited by the other. Our basic instinct is to blame the other for what has happened.

But is it the other's fault?

No! The blame always rests with you – because you expected something, and you tried to force your imagination upon the other! Who then is responsible for the failure?

You see, there are some cases where one person starts behaving in an eccentric or irrational way. Those are exceptional cases where you have to decide if you want to continue to live together, with such behavior or not. You cannot apply what I am saying to that. Exceptions are always there.

But what I am saying is what is actually happening in reality in many houses where both the persons are normal and yet there is unrest. But we never try to look into it. We never like to deal with the truth! We always like to sweep things under a beautiful carpet and walk on the carpet cheating ourselves.

When you have a raw wound, isn't it most logical to treat it immediately and get relief from it? What will happen if instead, you covered it with a gold shield and a silk cloth and believed that you did not have the wound at all? It would be mere foolishness, is it not?

So understand what I am trying to say. Drop your imagination and start living with reality.

About the author:

Paramahamsa Nithyananda dedicated his life for finding solution for man's everyday problems and offer solution for mankind to lead the life happy even at the worst times.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Google has the whole internet in its cache? O.o

I was just wondering how big the internet really is. Billions of web pages scattered in every part of the world serving from its Webserver. I was so excited when i noticed Google cached the whole internet in it's server while it crawls over the webpages to index them.

While i was Googling to find more about how Google managed to do it(was wondering how Google get to keep copyrighted content in its server), I found out does it too. If you ever missed something from a website by its latest update thats the site you might want to look for the old version of the site :). They even say in their homepage that they archived 250 billion pages!

I used google cache while i check the college results on its release date. My university site never loads when results are announced. :-| All i did was load the cached version of result page then lookup the result from there. It works pretty well. :D

Friday, November 13, 2009

Some Tata Indicom Wimax BroadBand Tricks & Tips

Hi Guys. I have been using Tata's wimax connection for a while. Many people said they had horrible experience with this connection. I too had Frequent disconnection,Slow speed,Downtime for days,etc on the beginning. But now its running so smooth and i never had a single minute downtime for almost 3 months. May be they might have improved their service OR the customization i did worked better than their default settings. I really dont know. So try this with your own risk if you have bad internet from wimax connection.

Remove unwanted Base stations:

This is the most important thing. I belive having more than one channel confuse the device to select which one is best :D. Some times i saw it selecting a channel which have less CINR value. So i figured that this could be a MAIN factor to slow the internet.

To login to your antenna, Set your Local area connection settings to

IP :
Subnet Mask :
Default Gateway :

After changing your LAN's TCP/IP settings , reconnect the cable from your antenna to your PC.

Now open http:\\ in your favourite browser.

You will be prompted by a login screen. login using

username: root
password: telsimawl

Now u will see telsima wilan2010 Homepage. Click Advanced settings--->Scanner Channel. Notice the page carefully for 2minute and find out the best station by the CINR value(If the best CINR is below 15,Contact Customer care. 20+ is fine). Keeping that, delete the rest base stations.

Just in case you messed up, these are the default values for bangalore. You may write yours down before deleting.

Name Frequency Bandwidth
bs1 3316000 3000
bs2 3366000 3000
bs3 3319000 3000
bs4 3369000 3000

If Rs 200 Per month isn't a big deal, Apply for Static IP:

Ya. With static IP , Tataindicom enables you to port forward which helps increase speed in torrent,etc. Also as static IP customer, you get prior support.

If you using router,

If you using router , make sure the Smart QOS is disabled. [This Smart QoS improves your VoIP voice quality or streaming by ensuring that your VoIP or streaming traffic is prioritized over other network traffic, such as FTP or Web.] For best performance of surfing,downloading, Keep it disabled. You may find this settings under advanced tab. Refer router manual for more info :)

Sort out the wires once in a while:

Just make sure the wire from your antenna isn't twisted and messed with power wires. Keep it neat without knots,twists,etc.

Use to check your internet speed if you want to know the speed of your internet. Its the best one i ever used.

If you have any doubts , Post it in comment (with your email id if possible). I will assist you if i can.

My result on 384 Plus plan. [384kbbs with Static IP]

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Best Media converter for your mobile,ipod,PSP,youtube [FREE]

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Maybe you want to convert all your WMA to MP3. Or maybe to convert your MPEG videos to AVI. Whatever are your needs, Mobile Media Converter can do it. Able to read almost anything, it can be transformed into a powerful and free MP3 converter, WMA converter, WAV converter, OGG converter, MP4 converter, MPEG converter, AVI converter, (Flash) FLV converter and (QuickTime) MOV converter.

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Windows : Click here
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(Linux users extract the archive and run it using ./MobileMediaConverter in terminal inside extracted folder)
Mac OS : Click here

Credit : Miksoft

Monday, November 9, 2009

Delegate Registration now open [Free and Open Source Software India]

FOSS.IN/2009 Delegate Registration is now online at

Event date: Dec 1 to 5

Event content : talks, workshops, workouts, etc.

Contribution :
1. Regular individual ticket: Rs.750 (US$16 or 11 Euro)
2. Discounted Student ticket: Rs.500 (US$11 or 8 Euro, requires valid Indian Student ID before entering venue)
3. Corporate Delegate: Rs.3,000 (US$65 or 43 Euro)

All rates applicable for people who have registered online – unregistered non-corporate walk-ins will pay Rs.1,000 flat for Regular tickets at the venue, cash only.

You can now register yourself as a FOSS.IN Delegate, receive your delegate code, and make your plans to be at the event. Make sure you read the instructions(

Venue : Nimhans Convention centre

All delegates, irrespective of delegate type, will receive the delegate kit that provides sponsor-provided material. :)