Friday, November 13, 2009

Some Tata Indicom Wimax BroadBand Tricks & Tips

Hi Guys. I have been using Tata's wimax connection for a while. Many people said they had horrible experience with this connection. I too had Frequent disconnection,Slow speed,Downtime for days,etc on the beginning. But now its running so smooth and i never had a single minute downtime for almost 3 months. May be they might have improved their service OR the customization i did worked better than their default settings. I really dont know. So try this with your own risk if you have bad internet from wimax connection.

Remove unwanted Base stations:

This is the most important thing. I belive having more than one channel confuse the device to select which one is best :D. Some times i saw it selecting a channel which have less CINR value. So i figured that this could be a MAIN factor to slow the internet.

To login to your antenna, Set your Local area connection settings to

IP :
Subnet Mask :
Default Gateway :

After changing your LAN's TCP/IP settings , reconnect the cable from your antenna to your PC.

Now open http:\\ in your favourite browser.

You will be prompted by a login screen. login using

username: root
password: telsimawl

Now u will see telsima wilan2010 Homepage. Click Advanced settings--->Scanner Channel. Notice the page carefully for 2minute and find out the best station by the CINR value(If the best CINR is below 15,Contact Customer care. 20+ is fine). Keeping that, delete the rest base stations.

Just in case you messed up, these are the default values for bangalore. You may write yours down before deleting.

Name Frequency Bandwidth
bs1 3316000 3000
bs2 3366000 3000
bs3 3319000 3000
bs4 3369000 3000

If Rs 200 Per month isn't a big deal, Apply for Static IP:

Ya. With static IP , Tataindicom enables you to port forward which helps increase speed in torrent,etc. Also as static IP customer, you get prior support.

If you using router,

If you using router , make sure the Smart QOS is disabled. [This Smart QoS improves your VoIP voice quality or streaming by ensuring that your VoIP or streaming traffic is prioritized over other network traffic, such as FTP or Web.] For best performance of surfing,downloading, Keep it disabled. You may find this settings under advanced tab. Refer router manual for more info :)

Sort out the wires once in a while:

Just make sure the wire from your antenna isn't twisted and messed with power wires. Keep it neat without knots,twists,etc.

Use to check your internet speed if you want to know the speed of your internet. Its the best one i ever used.

If you have any doubts , Post it in comment (with your email id if possible). I will assist you if i can.

My result on 384 Plus plan. [384kbbs with Static IP]


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  2. what is the website address for TATA Wimax? Cant find it even throigh Google.